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Join The Probe Trump Team And Help To Save Our Republic

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How Else Can I Help?

If  You Are In For The Long Haul:

Become an advocate for the cause! Organize large group gatherings, meet with elected officials, do public outreach with other like-minded grassroots organizations.

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If You Have Time In The Next Few Weeks:

Organize and invite your Members of Congress to a town hall or community event. Share our research, and tell them there’s an urgent need to create an Independent Commission.

  • Arrange small group meetings with your Members of Congress and their staff to advocate for an Independent Commission

  • Help us research, strategize, and engage the public in our campaign.

If You Have An Hour Or Two To Contribute:

  • Write an Op-Ed in your local newspaper in support of an Independent Commission. Ask your local newspapers, radio and TV stations to interview your Members of Congress about their decision to support or not support an Independent Commission.

  • Become an investigator! Gather and send your own intelligence to us, including articles, interviews, and any information you find on Trump’s conflicts of interest and ties to Russia.

If You Have 15 Minutes To Contribute:

  • Call your U.S. Representative and Senators to ask him/her to support an Independent Commission to investigate possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Point them to our research. Remind them this is about protecting our democracy and not about partisan politics.

  • Call House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and tell them you support an Independent Commission. We have created a brief script that you can use as a guide for your call, e-mail, or letter.

  • Connect with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and community members to inform them of the issues and your personal support of an Independent Commission. The more people know others support it the more comfortable they will be in speaking out as well!

If You Have Five To Ten Minutes To Contribute:

Help spread the word on social media. Tweet, Facebook, or e-mail your Members of Congress to tell them you expect them to #probeTrump.

Follow us on social media and help push our message. Like our Facebook posts and tweets @probetrump

If You Have No Time But Want To Show Your Support:

Donate to our cause! Continue to spread the word and urge people to get involved.